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We help UK businesses access innovation funding through tax incentives, grants, and investments while ensuring minimal business disruption throughout the submission and investment processes.

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Tax Incentives

There is a wide variety of tax incentives available for UK companies through HMRC. See what incentives your business may be eligible for.


Innovative Partners can assist you in finding available grant funding for your projects. Find out more about what may be eligible to you!

Funding Solutions

We have a group of investment professionals and partners available to help your business receive further funding.


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We're funding experts

Our in-house team of technical and financial consultants have first hand industry-specific experience. This comprehensive understanding of your industry means we can easily identify eligible R&D projects, thus ensuring you receive the maximum benefit available to you.


From our offices in Edinburgh and Aberdeen we support companies throughout the UK. Our innovation specialists have assisted hundreds of companies, from the Highlands of Scotland to Plymouth, England. Contact us to learn how we can support you.

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We have a strong history of supporting UK businesses of all sizes and industries to achieve their growth goals through financial incentives. Our team is always on hand year round to provide you with whatever support you need.

Client Testimonials

R&D Tax Relief By Sector



When facing challenges to increase yield, quality, or animal welfare, agriculture businesses require innovative solutions to better their business.



From new builds to renovations, working with new materials and tools, there is a wide variety of qualifying activities within the construction sector.



As the global demand for energy increases, it has resulted in an increased rate of innovation to maximise power from oil, gas and renewable sources.



The UK has a strong heritage of engineering projects. Through the decades, innovation has continued to keep up with demands and trends with the use of new techniques and materials.


Food & Beverage

Changes in consumer trends have required innovation within the food and beverage industry. Businesses need to solve challenges quickly or they potentially lose out on new customers.



Research & development is crucial for UK manufacturers as they look to increase efficiencies, design new products, or solve production problems to compete in a challenging market.



Quarrying has been seen as a traditional industry with little innovation, yet mining companies often have to design new machinery and processes that may be eligible for tax relief.



From developments in athlete nutrition and recovery to football stadium or golf course designs, the sports industry continues to make advancements in innovation.

Photo: Harry Parvin


Software development is typically at the heart of innovation across most companies. Advances in cyber security, access to remotely working, and integrations are all qualifying activities for R&D tax relief.