Organisations within the Energy sector often create world class, innovative products while investing vast amounts of money developing these new products and technologies. The energy sector has been in the spotlight across the globe as they look to produce more power, especially within the renewable space. With constant advancements in products and technologies, most companies working in the energy sector are eligible for R&D Tax Relief as well as further grants.

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Example Activities

Efforts to improve capability or functionality through new energy systems

Increasing energy production using the same or reduced resources

Scaling up novel energy systems to improve commercial viability

Designing and developing offshore subsea structures

Developing alternative fuel mixes which are more environmentally friendly

Producing a design for refining oil and gas materials

Reducing energy inefficiency in systems including noise or vibrations

Undertaking and interpreting geotechnical studies on a prospective site in challenging environmental locations

Testing and lab work undertaken to explore emissions levels in novel fuel blends

Developing systems in challenging environments such as marine or in extreme temperatures

Constructing water treatment plans and systems to treat wastewater

Developing software applications for internal or external use