Many businesses in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing sector and not aware that their daily activities are eligible for R&D Tax Relief, which could provide vital cash flow and aid in the business growth.

Let The Numbers Speak

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There are a number of associated costs to consider when looking at an Agriculture R&D Tax submission:

What Qualifies?

Staff Costs




Heat, Light & Power

Software Costs

Example Activities

New techniques to grow crops to increase quality

Automated packing systems

Selective breeding to improve genetic traits

Feeding trials: type of feed, the timing of feed, ration timing

Work carried out to reduce water pollution and improve farmland diversity

Development of new machinery and processes for soil erosion & water retention


Dairy Farm Project

Innovative Partners were approached by a family owned dairy farm who had received one of our emails advising that he may be eligible for a cash benefit and wanted to understand more.

On our first call with the farmer he explained that he had been trialling new feeds for the cows and implementing seaweed into their diet, in an attempt to increase a higher quality milk and reduce methane output. The farmer trialled a number of feeds and timings of feed before finding the best method.

As the Innovative Partners team continued discussions, we learned that the farmer had upgraded his facilities and now milk collection and bottling was handled onsite. The herd was trained to come in when ready to be milked and in return they would be fed. If the cow wasn’t ready to be fed then it would be encouraged by robots and sensors to go back into the field until ready.

This project involved a number of activities that were eligible for R&D Tax Relief. Our team of experts were able to understand the farmers problems and challenges and create a technical narrative with supporting cost collection report to ensure the client receive over £120,000 as a cash benefit.