Capital Allowances

Discover if you are eligible

what is it?

There is over £70 BILLION of tax relief unclaimed. A vast majority of commercial property owners are not aware that they could be eligible for Capital Allowances. Could that include you? 

The UK Government introduced Capital Allowances for people that have qualifying items such as cars, vans, computers, machinery, furniture. It even includes purchasing or selling  a property and renovating a property. 

Innovative Partners have a team of tax experts that can undertake a thorough due diligence on property transactions. Our team can value your allowance on both historic and current purchases making sure you receive your full benefit entitlement

Construction Site Harlem New York  - ArtisticOperations / Pixabay

Our process

Step 2 

Our team produce a report including any surveys

Step 4

We make a submission to HMRC, should they have any questions we answer them on your behalf

Step 1

We undertake a client review meeting, to understand your purchases or owned properties

Step 3

We review and explain all our findings, whilst check with you that we have not missed anything

Step 5

You receive your tax relief