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Our History

Innovative Partners were founded by Andrew Marshall & Liam Hurley, who were tired of poor service and low quality R&D Tax submissions, for their development company. Having a rich history in Hospitality, our founders knew they could build an innovation funding consultancy, to make the process for UK companies simple, not require a lot of time investment and ensuring businesses receive the maximum benefit available to them. In 2022, Michael Davie was asked to join the management team. Michael has a wealth of experience within R&D funding and has led a number companies achieving their strategic growth goals. 

The Innovative Partners team have extensive experience and industry specific knowledge to help you reduce your overall tax burden through the use of R&D tax relief and funding solutions. Our steamlined process ensures submissions can be turned around in a matter of weeks and with minimal disruption to your business. This means your team will remain free to do what you do best, whilst we take care of your funding needs. 

Why work with us?

We do 90%

We appreciate how valuable your time is so our successful methodology means we are only ask for a few hours to complete your submission.

Contingent Fee

There is nothing to pay us upfront, our fee is only eligible when your benefit is approved. 

HMRC Tax Compliant

We always remain up to date with HMRC guidelines and should it be required, we defend our R&D Tax Relief claims free of charge. 

Added value

Our team of experts can maximise your benefit. On average we uplift previous submissions by 200%.

Real Time 

We offer our clients real time assessment of eligibility and tracking of technical activities and expenses. So you always know your progress. 


We offer our clients visability of draft reports and a final copy prior to submission.

Let The Numbers Speak

Submissions to HMRC
Client benefit received