The Innovative Partners team have extensive experience and industry specific knowledge to help you get the best funding solutions for your business.

Our History

Innovative Partners was founded by Andrew Marshall and Liam Hurley, who were tired of poor service and low quality innovation funding support for their development companies. Andrew and Liam knew they could build an innovation funding consultancy that would make the process for UK companies simple and stress free whilst ensuring businesses receive the maximum benefit available to them. In 2022, Michael Davie joined the board. Michael has a wealth of experience within innovation funding and has led a number of companies to achieve their strategic growth goals.

Our streamlined process ensures submissions can be turned around in a matter of weeks and with minimal disruption to your business, allowing your team to be free to do what they do best, whilst we take care of your funding needs. Innovative Partners also invests capital in some of our world leading tech clients and unique private businesses such as Elastik and ValStream.

Let The Numbers Speak

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Submissions to HMRC
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Client benefits received

Why Work With us?

We do 90%

We appreciate how valuable your time is so our successful methodology means we are only ask for a few hours to complete your submission.

Contingent Fee

There is nothing to pay us upfront, our fee is only eligible when your benefit is approved.

HMRC Compliant

We always remain up to date with HMRC guidelines and should it be required, we defend our R&D Tax Relief claims free of charge.

Added Value

Our team of experts can maximise your benefit. On average we uplift previous submissions by 200%.

Real Time

We offer our clients real time assessment of eligibility and tracking of technical activities and expenses. So you always know your progress.


We offer our clients visability of draft reports and a final copy prior to submission.

Get To Know Us Better

Andrew Marshall

Andrew is co-founder of Innovative Partners and is Chair of the Board. He is involved in a number of other UK based businesses and charities.

Andrew is involved in finding and working closely with technology companies for Innovative Partners to invest in.

Liam Hurley

Liam is co-founder of Innovative Partners and has extensive experience in multiple business sectors from founding and running other companies. Liam oversees the Innovative Partners team on a day to day basis and works closely with our ongoing clients.

Michael Davie
Commercial Director

Michael has extensive experience in the R&D and business world working with small companies to leading brands in the FTSE 100 and has 9 years experience making him a trusted point of contact to clients, accountants and partners.

Isla Rafferty looking at camera with a light background

Isla rafferty
Head of Operations

Isla has a strong background in operations and logistics management. She seamlessly coordinates with clients, accountants and internal stakeholders to ensure the claims process is simple and stress free.

Bruce Aitchison
Business Development Manager

Prior to joining innovative Partners Bruce worked in the education sector, in various roes as a teacher and also Deputy Head. He is an excellent listener and communicator and his comprehensive understanding of available tax incentives and grants enables Innovative Partners to help even more UK companies.

Malcolm Sackman
Head of Finance

Malcolm graduated from Manchester University and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1998 and later as a Chartered Tax Adviser. Malcolm advises the board on financial matters.

Caitlin Turner
Communications Manager

Caitlin hails from New Zealand, where she graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Communication. She skilfully manages media enquiries, digital marketing, and communications for Innovative Partners.

Connor McCraith
Technical Consultant

Connor has an engineering background and works with all our clients to create narratives that capture the focal points of their research to enable a successful claim.


Rachel oversees all Innovative Partners’ administrative and bookkeeping and works closely with our Innovative Partners report team to assist with our clients claims.

Valeria Vacca
Technical Consultant

Valeria studied in bookkeeping and business management. She extensive experience in corporate accounting across various sectors and supports the Innovative Partners team with our claims.