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Innovative Partners is a highly skilled and experienced, independent consultancy.

Our team will help you reduce your overall tax burden through the use of R&D tax credits using our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise. Claiming R&D relief can be a straightforward process, yet as all things tax based it is just as easy to get the process wrong. Our specialist team can make things simpler for you; we have a streamlined process that ensures claims can be turned around in a matter of weeks, and with minimal disruption to your business. This means that you and your team will remain free to do what you do best, whilst we take care of your R&D tax relief claim.

Our team of nine sector-specific experts, combined with our taxation advisors, are on hand for compilation and submission of retrospective and current year R&D tax relief claims. Our sole purpose is to create and file your claim as efficiently as possible, allowing you to focus on your business while making sure that nothing is missed that can be claimed for. Our attention to detail and understanding of multiple industries is what sets us apart from many others.

All claims are overseen by our two founding partners Liam Hurley and Andrew Marshall. They have been at the forefront of innovation, receiving both recognition and award for this during their combined 40 years in multiple sectors of business.

To find out how we can maximise your R&D tax credits, email or call us now on 020 3733 2351

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